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Greene Midwifery offers the freedom of choice for families who desire to play an active and informed role in their care as they grow their families.

Midwifery Care Services

Home Births

I offer comprehensive prenatal care and assistance for home births. Birth is a sacred life event that I am honored to be invited to by each family. Every birth is as unique as the family experiencing it. As your midwife my job is to hold space throughout labor. I can provide knowledgeable guidance, collaborating closely with the mother's support system while monitoring the wellbeing of the birthing pair. Following delivery and the sacred Golden Hour, exams of both mother baby are completed, and the family is nourished and tucked into bed before I take my leave. My goal is to empower expectant families to make informed choices and embrace the natural life experience that is childbirth.

Top Reasons People Birth At Home


Home is where most people are most comfortable. Being able to birth your child in the comfort of your home allows for the process to unfold as the natural life experience it is.


Client's wish to have full autonomy throughout the birthing process. From pregnancy to birth and beyond, homebirth and community midwifery care allow the family to take the lead in their healthcare.


Desiring a better experience than hospital births including a stronger relationship with the provider attending the birth and a reduction in unnecessary medical interventions

Prental Care
Intrapartum Care

Prenatal Care

Routine prenatal care will be provided in the midwife's office. Visits are scheduled every 4 weeks from the onset of care to 28 weeks gestation. Beginning at 28 weeks gestation visits increase to every 2 weeks. At 36 weeks the client will be seen once a week until the time of birth or 42 weeks gestation (whichever comes first). The initial prenatal visit will include a complete history (health, family, social), and physical examination of the client. This visit can last from 1.5 to 2 hours. Following prenatal visits will include time for discussion of current health changes and pregnancy symptoms, client education, questions and concerns, and physical assessment. Standard prenatal visits will be 45 minutes to an hour.

Labor and Delivery

Continuous assessment of the client's and baby's well-being occurs throughout labor. Physical and emotional support is provided by the midwife throughout labor. Following birth, the midwife will monitor and assess the newborn’s transition from womb to world. Following the delivery of the placenta and first feeding (occurring during the “Golden Hour”), the midwife will perform the newborn assessment with the family participating as actively as desired. The midwife will leave once all assessments are done, the birthing dyad are stable and the family has been fed and tucked into bed. This is usually somewhere between 2-4 hours postpartum.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

Postpartum visits last 45 minutes and are scheduled around 24 hours after birth, 3-4 days after birth, 1-2 weeks postpartum, and 6 weeks postpartum. Other visits may be made upon request if there is a concern regarding the baby or mother’s health or feeding. Postpartum visits include an assessment of the client’s   and baby’s health. Visits may also include referrals for various resources, discussion of sexual health and family planning, and offers of support.

Plcenta Enapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

The midwife can encapsulate your placenta if desired for an additional charge of $150 to global fee of midwifery care or $200 if not a midwifery client. 

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